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VerticalAlign for VGroup and HorizontalAlign for HGroup

January 24th, 2010 4 comments

majoraxisalignment Recently I checked in the major axis alignment update to VGroup, HGroup, VerticalLayout, HorizontalLayout. It brings parity to the Flex 4 Spark layouts relative to the MX containers HBox and VBox that are well known from previous versions of Flex (and have had those alignment options for long time now). Read more…

Drag and Drop Skinning in Spark

January 18th, 2010 13 comments


Customize the ItemRenderer‘s “dragging” state.  The drag indicator is the image that the user sees when they select and item and drag it away from the source container. By default the Spark List creates a drag indicator by duplicating all the ItemRenderers for the items being dragged. Therefore a natural way to customize the drag indicator is by customizing the ItemRenderer skin. Spark makes that easy by introducing the  optional “dragging” state.
Customize the List‘s optional “dropIndicator” skin part.  The drop indicator is the image that the user sees as an indicator of where the dragged items are going to be inserted in the destination container.  By default, the Spark List displays a horizontal/vertical line along the gap between the at the insertion point.  Spark makes that easy by automatically managing the “dropIndicator” optional dynamic skin part.

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